Public Best goes to "Shiritsu Sumaho Chugaku" (SoftBank Corp.)


The CODE Awards invites all applicants from Japan and abroad to submit theirsuccessful "Experience" of digital marketing ads. The awards will recognize the teamswho planned and executed outstanding digital marketing projects and disseminatedthem to the world.

Since the advent of this award's forerunner, the "Mobile Ad Awards" (first awarded in2002), We have striven for the sound development of the industry through thecontinuous holding of awards. We have moved from an era when the use of digitalmedia was regarded as highly advanced to a present in which it is second nature. Themethods and potential rewards of digital media continue to expand exponentially, drivenby the creative spirit of the people who take on new challenges on a daily basis.

The CODE Awards (first awarded in 2014) turns the spotlight on these creators torecognize their achievements. This year marks the fourth anniversary of the CODEAwards, made possible by the cooperation of the companies and industrialorganizations who wish to expand this field in the future. We are delighted that theseawards contribute to the growth and stimulation of the digital marketing field.

Message from the Chairman of the Juries

In what ways new "digital experiences" never before seen could be sociallyimplemented by the "collaborative efforts" of corporate marketers and creators - Ithink the CODE Awards is where the creativity of that is contested. This year I willonce again engage in lively discussions with our wonderful juries only possible here .

CODE Awards 2018
Naoki Ito,
Chairman of the Juries

Submission Guidelines

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